Cryptic, huh? I wonder what this is all about. Just a logo and a merch page with some over-priced, meaningless out of context, stuff for sale. It's probably a scam. Maybe check back later and see if anything has changed. Or don't. Whatever. I mean, the tagline in the logo says, "supposedly comedic web series," so I guess if you're a fan of those maybe bookmark the page and just check to make sure no actual content shows up here? I don't know what to tell you really. I'm not Jimmy Cricket or whatever his name was. If you left it up to me you'd DEFINITELY be a donkey right now. And not a weird, half donkey, half boy, half puppet, donkey either. Don't let me make your choices for you. You'll end up a full blown donkey. Straight up beast of burden. And not like in that Idris Elba movie either. That's a whole other kind of beast that I'm not even going to touch on. No way. Not in this political environment. Heck no. Oh, wait. That movie was called Beast of No Nation. Whoops. We can definitely talk about what a beautiful man Irdis Elba is, though. I mean, WOW. Luther? Did you see that? Great show. Seriously, if you haven't watched it just, do. Stop reading this and go watch Luther. It doesn't even matter that his wife dies and he runs off with a murderous sociopath in the end. Totally worth watching. Do it. Stop reading this and go watch Luther. Or don't. Again, full blown donkey when you listen to me. But really, how cool would you be if your were best friends with Idris Elba? I hope his actual best friend reads this and is like, "Yeah. I know how cool I am. I knew Dris before he was 'Idris Elba'. I'm the one who made him that cool." And then, how cool would that person be? To be the person who made Idris Elba THAT cool? Anyways, I'm 99.9% certain that a web series called "Wombats!" has absolutely nothing to do with Idris Elba, or Luther. But maybe, if he sees this, Idris Elba will do a cameo or something. I don't know. I don't even work here. I'm totally hacking my way through this. No, not like...the show is probably not about hacking. I mean, is there even any point to trying to make a show about hacking when we have Mr. Robot? Exactly. Also, Remi Maleck! Amiright? Dude was in "The Pacific" and now just IS the USA Network. Awesome dude. You know what they say about people who work with Spielberg and Tom Hanks though. I bet the "Wombats!" people never worked with them. This show is probably some reductive attempt at social satire, oddball comedy, and parody on a shoestring budget. I bet they crowdfund this thing. I don't know. Again, full blown donkey.