Embrace wombats!

Here we are again. "Embrace Wombats!"? What does that even mean? One would assume that this isn't an invitation to make physical contact with neither whatever people, aliens, or shadow organizations are behind this web series nor actual, real, physical wombats. Confusions abounds. I suppose this could just be a relative innocuous newsletter-type deal. Add your contact info. Get unrelenting spam emails about inane things like "New episode updates!" or "Exclusive behind-the-scenes content!" You know, things that people in entertainment do to engage their fan bases so you'll be like, "Oh, I really like them. They take the time to reach out to their supporters and offer them deals on merch and tell them about special meet-and-greets, and send the special content!" I mean, I guess that's fine if you're into that kind of interaction. 

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