Know Wombats!

These people are clearly NOT Wombats. What a crock. You show up expecting to see something cool about some adorable marsupials and all you get are some headshots of three white millennials. Great.

Jay Putnam - Commercial.png

Jay putnam

Co-Creator, "Jay"

Jay is an actor and writer from Charlotte, North Carolina currently living in Nashville, TN. Coming up in improv comedy {groan}, Jay was "that guy" who spent all of his time with his improv troupe. He studied improv at notable studios in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Jay currently studies acting with William Arnold at Nashville's esteemed The 4th Wall Acting Studio.


Olivia evans

Co-Creator, "Olivia"

Olivia is an actress and Middle Tennessee native. Her love for performing started in school and community theatre. In college, while pursuing a vocal performance degree from Belmont University, she took a few film workshops and started to make the transition into film & TV. She has appeared in short films and TV, most notably the CMT series "Nashville." {I mean, who hasn't been?}


nathan edwards

Co-Creator & Executive Producer, "Nathan"

Nathan is a producer and writer from Tennessee and the show runner for the Wombats! web series. He grew up acting in community theatre and made the transition to writing, then producing, after working several years in communications and commercial video production. He is a proud graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. {Ooo, big shot!}